Webinar: Using the Graduated Approach and SEN Support

  • Webcasts
  • 04 Nov 2020

This is the second in a series of five webinars from LLSENDCiC aiming to provide additional support to new-in-post SENCOs. The series will outline key elements of the SENCO role in this unique context.

This webinar will help new SENCOs gain confidence in an area which is central to SEN practice in schools and settings. It will address frequently asked questions including;

  • What is the Graduated Approach of Assess, Plan, Do, Review?
  • How do I actively involve teachers and develop their confidence in taking a lead role for children and young people requiring SEN support?
  • What systems and processes effectively facilitate the Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle?
  • How to I ensure genuine participation of children and young people and their parents/carers in the Graduated Approach to ensure SEN support delivers on agreed outcomes?

Suitable for: SENCO

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Angela Scott

Angela Scott is the Regional Lead for SEND for the Eastern Partnership UK (SEND) and programme lead for the National Award for SEN Coordination as well as the optional follow-up qualifications: Advanced SENCO and SENCOs as Leaders Awards. Angela has both steered and delivered the professional development programme for the introduction of SENCOs into Hong Kong schools. She is a member of the LLSENDCiC working group and represents the SEN support network for the East of England. Previously Angela has taught in mainstream and special schools at both primary and secondary phases and has been Head of a local authority Specialist Support Teaching Service.

Tristan Middleton

Tristan is Joint Course Leader of the Masters in Education Suite and the National SENCO Award at the University of Gloucestershire and Chair of Directors of LLSENDCiC, which oversees the Quality Standards of the NASENCO Award for 33 providers across England. Prior to this Tristan worked as a SENCO, Nurture Group Teacher and Assistant Headteacher in the South West of England. He recently co-authored the WSS publication “The SENCO Induction Pack” and the nasen mini-guide “Understanding Inclusion”. He is co-author of “Nurturing Peer Supervision” to be published later this year by NurtureUK.

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