Paperwork with charts and graphs on a table with a laptop

Webinar: Using data sources to inform best practice

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  • 11 Feb 2021

Too often data collection is excessive, unreliable, confusing which gives staff less time with children; when used well data can have a profound and positive impact in SEND departments.

This workshop aims to:

- Demystify the data 'world' from a SENCo's perspective: simple definitions and explanations to provide clarity
- Provide easy to use techniques to analysing data - rules on what is necessary, helpful in your role
- Give an introduction to ethical data principles: how to underpin your values and ethos through your role

Suitable for: Assistant Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Head Teacher, SENCO, Senior Leader

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This webinar was delivered by Giles Osborne, co-founder of Edusolutions UK. 

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