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  • 11 Apr 2021
Consortium Partner resource

Free resources available through Real Training, part of our consortium partner Real Group:

Access Arrangements Update course (AAU)

Real Training’s Free Access Arrangements Update course – open to all qualified access arrangements professionals

Effective SEN Support Provision – Middle Leaders

Real Training have partnered with Whole School SEND to create the Effective SEN Support Provision – Middle Leaders free-to-access CPD course, outlining the principles of creating effective SEN support provision for middle leaders in all school settings. 

Online SEND Reviewer Training 

Free to access, and open to all education professionals
In order to improve the skills and confidence of the schools’ workforce in supporting the delivery of high-quality SEND provision to pupils, Real Training and Whole School SEND have developed an online version of SEND Reviewer Training. This will enable more people within the schools’ workforce to conduct quality reviews of SEND provision and empowering settings to improve their practices.

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